How to Install Drywall Corners: ULTRATRIM Outside 90


  • NO-COAT drywall corners have a built-in flexible hinge that can adjust to any angle. If a wall is far out of plumb, simply pinch the NO-COAT drywall corner and adjust it accordingly. We also recommend applying an excess of All-Purpose joint compound to compensate for large gaps.


  • For outside 90s, it is not necessary to treat NO-COAT drywall corners any differently when butting two pieces together. Simply align the transitions properly. When trimming windows, miter the corners for best results.


  • Tape and coat drywall board seams and ceiling joints before applying NO-COAT corners. This will create a smoother surface for corner application, and a straighter finished profile.



1. When installing drywall for 90 degree outside drywall corners, hang drywall as shown:

 outside90boxillust.1.jpgoutside90box illust.2.jpg






2. Using a 4” – 6” taping knife, apply All-Purpose joint compound to drywall slightly beyond where the edge of the corner will be. Place NO-COAT corner trim on wall and press into position. NOTE: The joint tape side (with the NO-COAT logo) of the corner goes against the drywall. outside90boxillust.3.jpg

3. Embed corner trim using a NO-COAT ULTRATOOL Outside 90 Roller or by running the knife over it with even pressure at a 45 degree angle.  



4. Remove excess mud with the same knife and let dry. 

5. Using a 6” – 8” finishing knife, skim over the corner once more with All-Purpose joint compound. Let dry. Sand and paint. outside90boxillust.5.jpg

The NO-COAT  Double Barrel Hopper
The NO-COAT  Hopper accommodates all inside and outside corner angles without time-consuming part changeovers and reconfigurations.

TIP: Before filling the NO-COAT Double Barrel Hopper with All-Purpose joint compound, run a short piece of corner through the Hopper gates. This allows you to make the most accurate tolerance adjustment. To avoid run off, compound should have the same consistency as boxing mud.


ULTRATOOL Outside 90 Roller
Applying our trim corners is fast and easy. Simply place ULTRATRIM Outside 90 on the wall and use our roller to press it into position.

Set your 7” or 10” box to #3 and box up to 30 feet of corners in minutes.  NO-COAT corner trim uses 30 - 50% less mud than corner bead, so you won’t run out of joint compound before you’re done boxing your corner.


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